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This section contains advices on various issues of air condtioning in Singapore.

Maintenance you can do yourself

1) Dust Filters
Clean the filter with water every 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure the filter is dry before placing it back.

2) Indoor Unit Cover
You can either remove the cover and wash it or you can use vacuum cleaner with a brush head attachment without removing the cover.

3) Evaporator Coil
Using a vacuum clean with a brush head attachment, lightly 'sweep' in the same direction as the aluminium fins. Please ensure that the power is disconnected, coil is dry before proceeding and be-careful not to bent the fins.

4) Drainage Pipe
If you are able to locate the drainage hose opening in the indoor unit, you can use a hose and carefully do a 'flush through'.
Another method is to attach your vacuum clean hose to the drainage out and let it 'suck' for about 15mins.
But in any case, it will still be advisable to approach professional help.

5) Outdoor Unit
The basic principle is to keep your outdoor unit area (which also means aircon ledge) clean and free from debris.
In any case, you wished to do some minor cleaning, you can use a hose and spray water through the condenser coil. Try to do it during rainy days so that your neighbours below will not complain.
In addition, do not use too high a water pressure as you might accidently bend the aluminium fins. The idea here is just to clean the condenser coil lightly.
Nevertheless, it will still be advisable to approach professional help.

If any of you, readers, are doing these maintenance, dun mind take some pictures and email to me so that i can post it up. Thanks!

If you have any good self maintenance tips to share with the rest of the readers, you can also email me and i will post it up. Thanks!


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These are great tips for simple DIY maintenance on units. Taking the time to actually check your unit’s parts and cleaning them will ensure you better performance, and you can avoid problems that would cost you a lot or even force you to change units.

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