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This section contains advices on various issues of air condtioning in Singapore.

The Usual Problems

1) Water Leakage at Indoor Unit
Water leakage occurs when the water drainage pipe is choked with 'algae' and dirt thus causing the water from condensation inside the evaporator unit unable to flow smoothly into the drainage hole in the toilet. This is very normal and unavoidable. This usually occurs after 1.5 years to 2 years of usage. You just need to get a general service to flush through your drainage pipe. ( If you want to save money, then connect your vacuum cleaner head to the end of the drainage pipe. It does help a bit.. )
BUT!!! If this occurs just after a few months of installation and usage, it might mean the installation is not done properly. The drainage pipe might be installed too straight or titled to the wrong side.

2) Water Leakage from the trunking
Do not confuse this with condensation. Water leakage means water dripping from the trunking. ( condensation is water droplets forming on the trunking and drip little by little ) For such a case, the joints at the water drainage pipe might not have been connected properly or there might be some cracks in the water drainage pipe. Get the installer to check.

3) Condensation on the trunking
Water droplets forming on the trunking. This occurs when the environment is very humid. For example, the room closest to the outdoor unit is not using the air con but the room further away is using air con. In this case, condensation will occurs in the trunking of the nearer room. But this condensation is normal and pose little problem.
BUT!!! If you noticed the condensation occurs even in the air conditioned room or water kept dripping down, it means the insulation is not good enough. One of the solution is to increase the insulation thickness.
Do also take note, if you intend to conceal or run your trunking inside or behind false ceilings,L-box or wardrobe, please increase the thickness of the insulation to at least 1/2 inches or as recommended by the manufacturer.

4) Not cold enough
It can be due to insulation wear off thus exposing the copper pipe to the environment (especially near the outdoor unit) or the refrigerant is insufficent due to poor installation of copper pipe. In either way, get a general service.
Or your air con might be size wrongly. Or too many people in the room. Or the presence of heat source. Or you set your mode to 'FAN' instead of cool. Or your temperature is set too high. Or the air con is blowing at the wrong direction.
BUT!!!! If you have not been cleaning your dust fliter for the past few months, IT IS YOUR FAULT!!! Self maintenance is very important.

5) Compressor very noisy
If you have used the air conditioner for more than 4 years, that is quite normal as the compressor wear out due to daily usage. In addition, some parts may have loosen.
If you have bought an unknown air con brand, then blame on yourself.
If this occurs at the first 4 years, get someone to check as most manufacturers provide 5 year compressor warranty.

6) Indoor unit very noisy
The installation of the indoor unit is not done well. Thus when the indoor unit operates, the plastic cover knocks against the casing or the casing against the wall. But sometimes it may also be the uneven wall. This can be solve by slotting thin pieces to insulation sheets to try level the indoor unit.

7) Air con will not ON
Sensor spoil or remote control spoil. You just have get it repair.
Surely there may be other causes but too many to talk about.
Take note: remote controls are not under any warranty. You have to buy a new one when it spoils.
You can either choose to purchase
- a Univerisal remote controller from hardware stores.
- Original remote controller from the manufacturer or authorised dealer.
- 2nd hand remote controller from any air conditioner retail shops.

8) Water dripping from the outdoor unit
Many of you will have experienced your neighbour's (above) air con dripping water onto your outdoor unit every night, especially when the night is hot and humid. This is actually very normal as parts of the outdoor unit is cold (due to the refrigderant).
Generally, the above will drip onto you and you drip to the one below. So there should not be much of a complain.
But if you want to solve this problem, u can install a water tray below your outdoor unit.
*Not allowed currently due to "mosquito breeding" issue.
Another solution to wrap insulation sheets around those "cold" areas of the outdoor unit.

There are many other problems that we do face when using air conditioner. Some may be due to manufacturer defects but at a lot times, poor installation and materials are the main reasons.
Therefore from the start you should choose a retail shop based on good workmanship, correct installation procedures and materials and good after sales service rather than price alone.


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Thanks for the share. Generally speaking I have a cooling and heating specialist who come at the beginning of each season to service my units. Normally they check fuel lines and filters just to make sure nothing is clogged or broken. Doing this not only cuts down on costly repairs but definitely increases the longevity of your unit.

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