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This section contains advices on various issues of air condtioning in Singapore.


Manfacturer /Agent/ Equipment Warranty
Most of the brands in Singapore have 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year on parts.
(this is the standard for most brands at the moment)
This is also a hint how long your air con lasted....anything more than 5 years u should be grateful.
Anyway, according to Daikin's website FAQ (http://www.daikin.com.sg/faq.asp), the general life span is around 6-7 years.

Compressor only refers to the 'machine' inside the outdoor unit.
Parts refers to everything else except compressor, remote control, refrigerant and installation.
Also to take note, Labour and Transportation charges are also not included after the first year so you will still need to pay when something cock up.

This is the manufacturer warranty therefore you will be given the warranty cards after the installation with the company stamp. If you bought a System 3, you should have 1 for your compressor and 3 for your indoor units..total 4.

Installation Warranty
The Installation warranty is provided by the dealer or installer. It is usually between 1 year to 3 years. ( with some giving 4 to 6 years...but who knows they will still be around next month... )
Do ask before purchase what are the terms and conditions for the warranty and whether labour and transportation costs are included for the entire duration of warranty.

Generally, the installation warranty will include all problems ( including leaking, breakage, not cold ) except problems due to manufacture defects. This also does not include servicing of air con. You will be given an installation warranty card after installation. In some cases, the sales invoice will be the warranty card.

Extented Warranty
Some retailers/dealers do persuade/recommend consumers to purchase 'Extended Warranty', increasing your 1 year parts warranty to 5 years. It is really up to you as to whether you feel it is worthwhile.
Please bear in mind this extension is not warrantied by the manufacturer but by an external insurance company in most cases. In some cases, you must sign a service contract before the extension will be valid.


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It's important to have warranties. Any company doing audio visual production would tell you the same, as aircon is important.


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